Thursday, May 13, 2010

Second Board Devil Rays re-formed half of the overall situation

Second Board Devil Rays re-formed half of the overall situation, 345 bar center batter after another fire, the third rod Arp soup (BJ Upton) in one, when the first and third base was fired two RBI doubles, and the next bar skin Na and win an RBI triples, the most hit the single field with 2 homers to be a 2 RBI end, the Devil Rays had 9:1 lead, also pitched 1.2 inning to beat seven hits and lost 9 points Choi uxeau ERA (2 wins 5 lost) success or failure of war to fight pitcher.

Tom Arp played this game number 4 hits and 2, 4 RBIs, Pena 4, under Council have an RBI base hit for a total of 3 hits and 3 hit a few three RBIs, and hit number 2 Longgeliya four hits, four the next Board has a one RBI sacrifice fly, his 6 RBIs today, differing only in a sub-set on the level of the Pena RBI single game team record of history.

Devil Rays starting pitcher the ball today, Jackson is not ideal, pitched 5 Board voted four out of five times worse walks, was hit four hits and lost 3 points, which hurt the most important is the Orioles Scott (Luke Scott) hit the 2-run homer, Jackson (3 won 3 lost) 3 times before the start only to lose 1 minute 20.1 Board, but have been bullpen blew the win every vote, today won a victory at last is a re.

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