Monday, May 3, 2010

Remember the roller coaster ride of heart?

Remember the roller coaster ride of heart? Tuesday, Red Sox staged for us such a soul-stirring drama. This "Fenway Park Holiday" includes everything. Yesterday's game against the White Sox, Red Sox until the seventh inning was the only only get a point, today is completely different, and in a bureau in the second half, the Red Sox mad 10 points. Red Sox score twice in the Super 10 points, but Rangers in the sixth inning whistle points. Eighth pinch of appearance but the situation has changed. when Ray walked out of a first base, Dustin sent Asian Capital's base hit to send him back to home plate in the match, Kevin Uicker Lisbon field home runs in the second shot Red Sox winning two. 19:17, Red Sox, Rangers win tough. mlb jerseys

"Boston's roller coaster is always so interesting," Youkilis said.