Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twins chase each other before continuing to the eighth winner

Tuesday night, sailors and Twins chase each other before continuing to the eighth winner. Eight innings, the Mariners no one out, Ichiro Suzuki hit a play first base hit, already has a third home run of the Yibananzi also hit a base hit. Mariners capture one, the second baseman. Twins come in near the end can not shake the pitcher Jonathan. Two outs, second baseman Lopez in left field played second base security, two points of attack were tied with the winning points. Twins finally win 8:7 sailor. In the sailor's home Sai Fuke course, won the second of three series wins. Lopez has been cultivated in this season in the last few Board seized the opportunity to get the key points of the habit. The dramatic turn thanks to the sailors of the bullpen could not hold the seventh pitcher Rob Butterfly Ball. Mladic remain the third lead. Jason's second homer and two RBI with a base hit to make Twins scored in the eighth inning leading 7-6.