Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black hat IZZUE 319 Yuan

Army green ed hardy shorts IZZUE 569 Yuan

Dark gray scarf IZZUE 319 Yuan

Lacoste yellow cotton socks

White sports shoes adidas clover

Army Green casual shorts and Pao Paoxiu the perfect mix of fluorescent and bright yellow strap socks, scarves and black hippie newspaper CHILDREN CAP, so that Mix & March of the summer and ingenious combination of a single product, dynamic, such as de-rabbit, static, such as at the child.


Ed hardy blue wool knit shorts SJSJ 1950 Yuan

Black and white swimsuit Lacoste

Blue slope with the sandals, Joy & Peace 598 Yuan

Sunglasses H & M

Summer waves, and a great blue sky in late autumn. White spots sexy black swimsuit hanging neck strap and blue knit shorts, sandals with the color of the slope with the hand with the large ring, large frame sunglasses and retro seventies rock hair bands, such ideas are bold mix of the moment must be The most IN breakthrough.


Black thread ed hardy vest System 690 Yuan

Yellow wool vest System 1750 Yuan

Leggings and belt SJSJ 1590 Yuan

ed hardy heels H & M

Hat personal items

This part of the fall of thick knitted wool waistcoat, but it has a mid-summer colors inside. Like punk, like a tight-fitting screw with a monochromatic vest, avant-garde and stylish. Closed tight leg pants, retro high-heeled shoes, Hi-Fashion straw hat, in the summer and autumn has brought unusual turn of conversion of the visual impact.

Autumn Summer Dance

① autumn Summer Dance

Ed hardy white chiffon skirt System 2350 Yuan

Tight purple vest b + ab 299 Yuan

Black knit scarf H & M

Large hollow woven scarf wrapped the living Shoulder Camisole, vaguely revealed a little sexy. Chouzhe white chiffon skirt, both balance the heavy sense of the summer scarf, but also to reconcile the color degree of balance ed hardy shirt.

Quiet elegance

② quiet elegance

Grass Green Tee vest Juciy Couture 1680 Yuan

Black Weft ed hardy jacket b + ab 739 Yuan

Lacoste Jeans

Green backpack personal items

Lake Blue Bra vest and with the nature washed jeans in the rain or the sun take the lead of the day, select a breathable ed hardy shirt and stylish relaxed Hoodie jacket, highly functional mix and match is the most easy way out choice. Seasonal trend of environmental protection, so that's a blur of red handbags wind jump.

Ink Shuai Xing

③ ink Shuai Xing

A white vest shirt System 1350 Yuan

Ink large square Clubmonaco 590 Yuan

Orange ed hardy jeans IZZUE 569 Yuan

Bright belt IZZUE 319 Yuan

Ink silk large pocket, through the effects of wrinkles around the collar screw. A simple ed hardy TSHIRT white short-sleeved khaki leisure outside the vest ride, cool in the losing soft. Waist belt will be a blur of light-colored wide-body curve very well reflected. Such a pocket Wai Department of way, it will be a hot summer and fall of 2008.

Love Purple Summer

White shirt Juciy Couture 3240 Yuan

Irregular hair purple vest SJSJ 1490 Yuan

Ed hardy white suit trousers Club Monaco 545 Yuan

Silver backpack IZZUE 419 Yuan

Silver high heels, Joy & Peace 698 Yuan

Belonging to white in summer and late autumn, deep plum, alternating cold and warm, elegant Smart. Thin and lightweight wool knit irregular open body vest the court with the retro mash-up of the most fashionable Wawa Shan visual landscape.

Mix & March has been the clothing of young people talked about the game, modern and retro mashup, chiffon and cowboy mashup, the mashup movement and tooling, and so has been leading the new trend of fashion. The fall of the summer of 2008, a surge of single-product mix and match summer heat wave rolling. Dolce & Gabbana's two masters some brisk fall and winter elements mixed into the rhythm of the summer, Prada will be aesthetic graffiti scarf, dress with the clever integration of the summer on the streets, in short, summer and autumn and the transition is the clever blending modern era of the most August Mix & March in a lively game.

Knight style

Black hat IZZUE 319 Yuan

Ed hardy white Bubble Sleeve Shirt Fuck 499 Yuan

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