Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unlike the sweet hair styling

Charming fashion hairstyle straight hair Weijuan

The design of straight hair perm hair to avoid a result of impulsive sense of "excellent material sense" charming particularly noticeable hair! Only a slight curvature of Fashao DIY can become very fashionable.

BOBO contour fashion hairstyle GHD straight hair Weijuan

In the neck to create a large gap between levels, the natural level of hair cutting. As if hair is placed inside the gap as to create a sense of a large number of hair bundles, which collected Fashao to create a fashion BOBO profile.

Fresh and soft hair GHD straight hair Weijuan

Her choice is as if scattered by wind, like "light also substantial," the soft Qiao. Is different with straight hair and the hair's natural sense, so that people around them feel fresh, relaxed feeling of a good fresh tender.
Face-lift and a sense of straight hair, hair Weijuan

The following part of the chin to make level, in the hair tail to make sense of lightness and long-level haircut, you can create a clear cut law texture of hair bundles. Hair care, when the face of the broken comb hair comb outside the former, combined with Qi Liu can build a face-lift effect.

Dynamic hair GHD straight hair Weijuan

Carve a natural sense of long hair, as long as the use of hair wax to make hair bands, you can instantly enjoy a dynamic fashion hairstyle. As long as the hair to make hair bands Nieqi like, so be sure to practice to see.

Qiao Wei Juan GHD straight hair soft hair

Up and down volume outlined in the hair swaying in the clavicle or a slight upward tweak hair tail hair flow. As a gentle soft like wool, it is you want to touch the soft Qiao hair, so that people around them feel graceful.

Futie casual hairstyle GHD straight hair Weijuan

The somewhat unruly hair a little personality, non-pretentious atmosphere of distributed charm. But because it is a natural shape, so in order not to seem too ordinary, to make use of hair pomade to make a clear stream with the hair bands, with a view to render, or loose or paste the following in effect.

With the nature of the natural hair GHD straight hair Weijuan

Less sweet with the nature of rhythm, as if you can open up freedom of mind, the full enjoyment of doing their own fun. Issued at the end of natural law in order to create dynamic, will be issued with a finger roll after the end of drying. Wax was then kneaded to grasp the whole hair to complete.

Autumn, and a lot of beauty MM began to doubt, the 2009 autumn and winter fashion hair to how to design it? It can be said, the popular quarter BOB short hair to fall and winter seasons should also be off the boil. Since the hair style has not been dissipated in the popular stage continues, then the season of long straight hair and ladies who form another important element of it will be? Check it out together.

Natural non-artificial hair GHD straight hair Weijuan

Unlike the sweet hair styling, natural non-artificial long straight hair, neck hair segment following a slight curvature of the wave, using the air to create a sense of the soft Qiao hair is even more charm can not be blocked!

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