Thursday, October 15, 2009

Los Angeles-based jeans brand from the United States TrueReligion

TrueReligion jeans Chupin fine by hand is known, and its jeans have been added for each lot of the details of design, such as embroidery, washing and color stitches and other staff. The unique twisted seam edges, with a small speaker foot cut, then increased the wearer of the slender legs and touching feeling.

TrueReligion popular in the United States, the world's major Famous Sales stores, including Harrods department store, Nicle, Selfridge and so spontaneously introduced TrueReligion products. Vane, one of the brand-name fashion trends shopping site Net-a-porter a few months ago began selling jeans TrueReligion has several models are still sold out of supplies, the new purchase goods will be sold out soon, no thunder 1:00 can compare. Washed away yarn which paragraph Destroyed, by Japan's top denim made DarkVintage, as well as by the elastic fabric made of sand-washing, etc. DarkHand several pair of jeans, True religion wholesale is seen as the most popular design.

Los Angeles-based jeans brand from the United States TrueReligion, in 2002 by Jeffrey and Xu Mulubeier his wife set up. Both love music, Jeffrey like classical rock and roll, but Kym is love Hip Hop and R & B. It is to get inspiration from the music, enabling them to design a series of logical fashion is full of flavor classic taste of senior true religion wholesale jeans.

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