Monday, October 12, 2009

A garment production base in the Southern Oil

Since I have to Dongguan Changan car on the way to the Humen Humen went in the Yellow River, that there are a lot of wholesale markets, wholesale markets in the vicinity of the Yellow River I have visited the again, seems to be no wholesale trade goods. Perhaps I did not find bar. Humen Fumin mostly wholesale women's clothing wholesale market, and I then went to Guangzhou White Horse, feeling not like the internet said, Humen high-end clothing.

Gate White Horse. Does have two at the wholesale AF clothes, the price though cheap, but all the old models, or stock goods. Then I went to the Shenzhen market, a trade called a "Ka Wah trade market", the foreign trade market, the largest selling brand is Nike, Adidas, Puma, Kappa. Where I have been selling a lot of blocked AF cargo, but mostly Vest t-shirt, there is no one selling AF 2006 Official website of the new abercrombie fitch wholesale.

I ran in the past. Looked for an afternoon, finally found. Indeed the secret, there is no bus passes, in Shekou Wal-Mart got off to walk 500 meters to find, in a roughly eight-storey building to, first and second floor are doing wholesale clothing trade, the customer is very less, unlike the East Gate peak and visitors crowd. But there does have some good merchandise, such as a simple women's shirt, very beautiful. Feel good, complex process, sewing neat, novel designs. I do not know is not true of foreign trade goods, but at least do very well. Also, I am here also discovered another secret of a larger wholesale trade, called "extraordinary foreign wholesale market" there are a lot of good merchandise. I was on the Internet search market in the name of the search word or not. This shows that not all things are the Internet can find many things must be in person.

Usually, a simple clothing styles most likely to be a small garment factory fabricated abercrombie fitch wholesale, such as the sports brand, or a polo shirt. Just to play only a small mark. This instruction sheet is most commonly sold in Taobao is everywhere. I was there for two secret foreign trade market to see big-name women's compassionate style can not be found in an Taobao. Dior example, a compassionate, very light, smooth feel, like, like silk. Added outside the lace sleeves, chest embroidered a great deal of complex patterns, clothing, sewing a piece of the bottom is also marked with small "dior" plastic card. Tag is also doing very fine. However, the wholesale price is 60 this compassionate and did not bargain. Taobao to see dior sympathy is usually a simple cotton shirt, dior hit a letter or a simple pattern.

I searched the internet, there are individuals that he had official website version of the AF clothes, he told me that address, in the "management area on the upper corner of Dongguan Changan South Road, No. 3, Shop No. 4, Building B," I personally went to the Dongguan is looking for him purchase. The results showed that this is a scam, the crook cheats money from outside to him. The liar there is still named "temo clothing," he dissemination of information on the Internet called "Abercrombie & Fitch clothing trade," he either did not boot the phone, that is no answer. His name is ZHENG Yong-jun (and perhaps is a fake name). I have exhausted on the South as a whole, have not found a place selling clothes.
I intend to do this, they are less popular U.S. brand Abercrombie & Fitch, I visited the official website of Abercrombie and found a lot of new official website of the new image. I put these pictures into my Taobao go, a result, many people to ask. As a result, I'm sure, as long as there is good supply. Must earn! And earn a lot. Then I began to look to find sources of goods. I am in Shenzhen, the first to find the largest wholesale market in Shenzhen ---

Even so, it is still selling very well. There are two companies specializing in selling AF's, mostly sympathetic cheap, hotbed of activity. I then went to the Guangzhou Railway Station a day visiting the nearby wholesale market found that 95% of the "Ka Wah trade market" goods to the wholesale market at the Guangzhou Railway Station to the wholesale. "Wah foreign markets" is the most commonly sold nike, adidas, kappa, puma, are all false, because the sports brand style design simple and easy to fake. I search on the Internet received a message. Shenzhen, a garment production base in the Southern Oil has a secret trade clothing wholesale market, called the Century Plaza.

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