Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even electronic cigarettes smuggled into Hong Kong for sale

With the budget increase in tobacco taxes, some smokers are interested in electronic cigarette, it is necessary for such regulation. However, the electronic cigarette available for several years, the current rush in a shot, reflecting the regulatory loopholes, coupled with the existing anti-smoking legislation failed to include electronic cigarette may occur regulatory gray area, the authorities should expedite the development of relevant legislation, improving regulatory electronic cigarette . Meanwhile, the rise in tobacco taxes, smuggling cigarettes will inevitably exacerbate the problem, the authorities must strike hard cigarette smuggling is not only the loss of tax-free, but also by increases in tobacco taxes to ensure protection of public health objectives can practically achieve.

Department of Health, in conjunction with the police yesterday seized in Sham Shui Po, 9 of illegal electronic cigarettes and arrested two people. Electronic cigarettes containing high concentrations of nicotine, the Department of Health said the public is an offense of possession of electronic cigarettes can be fined 100,000 yuan and two years imprisonment.

In fact, the use of electronic cigarettes are also nicotine addicts and the right people around you will cause harm. If we allow these electronic cigarettes to continue the case does not regulate the sale in the market, not only pose a threat to public health, but also greatly reduce the budget of the effectiveness of tobacco tax increases. Under existing legislation, nicotine-containing products should be registered, the electronic cigarette contains large amounts of nicotine, but has not been registered, the existing prohibition on the sale of the product is a necessary practice.

At present, because cigarette smokers start buying electronics, the authorities face the problem only shows in the supervision slow in responding, should be reviewed. In fact, the issue of e-cigarette different from ordinary cigarettes, which related to pharmaceutical products, misleading propaganda and electronic product regulation, as well as a number of areas is related to the regulatory responsibilities of various departments, together with the existing anti-smoking legislation does not include electronic cigarette improve the relevant legislation to facilitate law enforcement is also key electronic cigarette. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen inter-departmental co-ordinating collaboration, improve law enforcement work, but also review the existing legislation, timely perfect, to respond to emerging new problems.

According to WHO statistics, electronic cigarette available since 2004 after successively in China, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries sales of some businesses in recent years, even electronic cigarettes smuggled into Hong Kong for sale. However, health authorities have failed to give sufficient attention to this phenomenon, but also not taken the initiative to test its composition and effectiveness.

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