Thursday, October 15, 2009

Most young people can accept the same style T shirt

Recently, to celebrate the foreign designer brands Ed Hardyt first concept store in Guangzhou, the opening of the brand design team combined four national vanguard designers to "see each other" as the theme, through 6 with strong characteristics of the design work in Guangzhou, Guangzhou culture and lifestyle for the design of objects, Shanghai and Guangzhou shows the eyes of a different designer "Guangzhou characteristics."

Ed Hardy Tshirt's fashion sense is not been discovered in recent years, the well-known designer Chen Yifei alive had been a planned series, in which a special talk on "T-shirt", the book said, Ed Hardy Tshirt of the the 17th century, the United States Annapolis terminal tea workers unloading a short-sleeved clothing worn by people from the natural English tea "TEA" in borrowed a "T" word to call it. Over the years, Ed Hardy Tshirt style, and no change, but Ed Hardy Tshirt display or views expressed in it worth double the number of well-known slogan T shirt can even shoot high price to ten thousand U.S. dollars.

Today, the street market in Guangzhou can see avant-garde shapes, patterns exaggerated Ed Hardy Tshirt, original wave of ed hardy shirt is a young people to express their views, one of the best stage and the most common clothing styles Ed Hardy Tshirt, has become a Nowadays most of the equipment-type cells, one of the famous wave, the Hong Kong words by Wyman on the collection of more than 500 different designs of Ed Hardy Tshirt.

80, especially after the love of T shirt. Cheng, director of design at the THETHING appear after the 80 first-class, T Xu is more like a canvas, there is enough room to fully express their personal thoughts. 80 after the original designers disdain in the "others wearing the same T shirt," They are happy to work, "based on independent aesthetic" design works to express their views, "I just do not eat dishes"; share their tastes, usual to read the funny Funny cartoon; record of social imprint, "SO silly SO innocent" attitude to wear ... ... into the body.

Compared to Baleno, Giordano, UNIQLO mass of these lines produced T shirt, T fans a deeper love for original T shirt brand Our films. Guangzhou has more than one claim to fame early in the morning the original T shirt brands, such as "slow" (Slow), the famous have been working with McDonald's "I'm like" ad slogan the contrary, "I do not like the" T-shirt, for example, Benshop, Oid, etc. local original brand personality can be found in full ed hardy clothing.

Original wave ed hardy Tshirt at 100 yuan more than the price down, most young people can accept the same style T shirt does not have many parts, not worry about Zhuangshan problem, selling is personality. In addition to Ed Hardy Tshirt, a number of relatively mature brand will also introduce a unique pattern sweater, jacket, jeans, fall and winter products ed hardy wholesale.

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