Friday, October 16, 2009

Such material will tall and straight

In recent years, high-end jeans swept the world, saying that in the United States, at the beginning of the fire ignited this new trend, causes the rise in the Earl Jean, the next to make a great contribution to this powerful Unstoppable, we are Seven For All Mankind and Citizen of Humanity designer Jerome Dahan in! Of these two brands of self-cultivation of first-class skill, there is hardly distinction of any kind, although Taiwan's current collection of boutique jeans are still stuck in a small compound in the initial stage of trafficking in cabinet, we may be difficult to imagine these two brands in the development of foreign size, but in fact, Seven For All Mankind and Citizen of Humanity in the United States the most indicative of the high fashion department store Neiman Marcus, occupied staggering huge floor area, we can see how much they have created considerable stores profits, but also how to make the United States young men and women aspire to, and crazy.

A big star at lower body sculptor ~ True Religion, Joes and the other is worse than the influence of the jeans brands course ought to True Religion, it is not refined degree of Seven For All Mankind, Citizen of Humanity, under the flagship on the inlay In the pants lumbar head, it is the label on a Mi Le Buddha piano to guitar, really interesting and extremely cool! From its brand name to a totem, a manifestation of young people do not follow a license where a license, the pursuit of self-ethnic characteristics, will be welcomed by the market really has a long history. Moreover, unlike most of the women's dominance is still fine jeans, True Religion men's clothing was also very popular, super-boy lead singer Justin Timerlake once said that the True Religion is his favorite phrase alone is This company's most premium jeans advertisements in!

True Religion's most sought-after styles are Joey, Bobby, and recent Shaliselong true religion wholesale, Jennifer Fuluopeizi, Madonna wearing a frequent appearance of Sammy, additional exposure, Johnny is not so high asking price is not low, the paragraphs in the U.S. Jieyou worth 200 U.S. dollars from top to bottom, if it is encountered in a special embroidery, holes and other models, the price soared up to 300 U.S. dollars is common. But that is denim, True Religion on what basis exactly astronomical dare to open it? True Religion's intentions in the cut, I believe that wearing it is very clear, that magic hips stovepipe skill really makes it hard to take off, the crotch most of the 7-inch and 7 inches below the tie-wearing high-heeled shoes Alice is definitely hip leg length is a girl, but the temperament does not wear it like a demon Frankie B. Jiao, comfortable clothing features really may Haoda pants makes a world away! The bottom part of the style of embroidery patterns and covered button pocket designed to allow a reduction and change Alice hip visual effects, in addition to international superstar wearing, people familiar with the CoCo, Pauline Lan, etc. in order to build the famous Jiaohao artists, have appeared through the True Religion, to say that people have change into a special star Kate feeling, True Religion's vanity, the absolute index of finishing first!

Recently, Lin is also being Lohan Lindsay Lohan wear clothing with high popularity, that is, was the first magazine Nice Bottom jeans Joes, would love Joes who are not that special love of tight stuck his bottom style, it has spent Qiao-pocket design, exquisite colors inside, Lovely pairs of J leather logo label, embroidery and diamond decorated rainbow is the so Joes followers attracted to the most important reason; even more remarkable is the comparison with the Ge Jia brand jeans , Joes's Variety movements cowboy fans always bring surprises, Joes style is very large, very different style, like the popular Socialite, Starlet, Lover, Rocker, Honey, Muse, Cigarette ... ... and so on, there is a wide version of a fit, handsome and sexy readily available, it is like for everyone to attend a variety of different occasions, customized in general, Joes are ready to intimate that any appointments, social activities, wearing Joes jeans is not impolite to attend.

Such material will tall and straight, combined hip version of the small bell-bottoms, wide-based The Socialite, is advertised to be able to wear a variety of social occasions style; distinct The Honey, soft version of type material will fit, put it on a very effective modification Tuntui good, you can fully show the beautiful curves of the female flavor; just a casual two Joes on the different styles, no wonder teen idols Lindsay Lohan wherever appearance wearing a wide variety of Joes, and even temperament big difference Sarah Jessica Parker Sara Jessica Parker, well-known singer Alicia Keys, are also Joes celebrity fans!

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