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Nike Cortez is a well-known shoes faithful fans

In June 1965, Bowman sent a Cortez to Onitsuka's shoes, "brochures and samples." The sports shoes TG-22 (Roadrunner), and TG-21 of the same type of assembly models. Cikuan running shoes components include: TG-22 before the soles of his feet and followed by the upper part of the soft rubber sponge, TG-21 followed by the middle of hard rubber sponge and hard rubber soles nike shoes wholesale.

In September, Bowman called for the improvement of the prototype shoe to increase at include:

* Sole use of TG-21 and TG-23 used the same rubber

* To widen shoes, to the width of the TG-23

* In the metatarsal ball area increases with the TG-22 the same cushioning pad

October 14, Baumann in a letter to the Onitsuka wrote, "that you made in July for my athletic shoes in all respects exceeded my expectations. Shoe, I am asking more than excellent." Bowman is helping Tiger was tested sections of the sports shoes and provide feedback. With regard to his own design, training shoes, Bowman said the arm of a leading long-distance running record of athletes has reached 1,500 miles.

Although there is no naming names, but Bauman refers to Kenny Moore, who later became an award-winning sports journalist and the author of several books, including the 2006 publication of the Bowerman and the Men of Oregon.

May 21, 1966 the sales contracts and letters show that "Bill • Bauman designed" 300 pairs of TG24 "w / Mexico product family," sold to Blue Ribbon Sports nike shoes wholesale , and in August 7, 1966 shipment.

Bowman's running shoe design is completed the year just to meet the summer Olympic Games held in Mexico in 1968, two years before the Olympic Games, Blue Ribbon Sports and Tiger have sufficient time to TG-24 to promote to the world's top runners. But they must first give this running shoes to take a more salable names.

In the 20th century, 60 years for the four track and field event shoes specially designed for the practice of naming is the Onitsuka Tiger, the four major events were: the Olympic Games, Asian Games, Pan American Games and Commonwealth Games. "Mexican product line" is for the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico created.

Bill Bowman • Design "Mexican product line" is considered to be Tiger "Mexican product line" in the first running shoes. January 30, 1967 Blue Ribbon Sports in the mail advertising a single kind of shoes, a new called "Mexico." The running shoes of the retail price of 9.95 U.S. dollars, product description, wrote: "This is Tiger Mexican products in the first sample shoe shoe, was tested in the United States in 1965, athletes have been wearing this shoe finish 2,500 Yu-ying li the distance. "

Until April 1967 that this section has been re-named running shoes "Aztec", the name appears in the "long-distance race news" in the Blue Ribbon Sports company's advertising and the company's mail advertising within a single, advertising Cikuan running shoes, said the " formerly known as 'Mexico', aims to become the world's most remarkable long-distance running training shoes. "

Aztec with cushioning designed for long-distance runners for the United States is a new product, it quickly became the Blue Ribbon Sports and Tiger's best-selling training shoe. However, the February 13, 1968, the company said Adidas Adidas Aztec violated the "Azteca Gold" the name of the spikes, so once again faced Tiger Aztec renamed fate.

So Bowman and Knight began screening candidates for a variety of new nike dunks shoes, name, Bowman key to find the origins of the Greek name, accompanied by a Knight is responsible for identifying the name of the Olympic Games have a long history. Because of Adidas sports shoes renamed the matter is still required to heart, so they Spaniard Hernan Cortés from the story of inspiration and sports shoes renamed as Hernan Cortés, because the Spaniards had conquered the Aztecs empire.

It is designed to reflect the talent of Bill • Bauman the first running shoes. The introduction of the concept of running shoes by quickly became the industry standard. Its name changed four times within two years. This is about the legality of running shoes Name Last Stand.

Nike Cortez is a well-known shoes faithful fans and run the classic running shoes, it "TG-24" The ordinary name of the launch of its extraordinary career.

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